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sowing the seeds to health

Bespoke Medicine

Wellness is a Journey...

The natural healing force within each of us
is the greatest force in getting well


My role as a herbalist is to find out why you have the health issues you've got & enable your body to resolve these issues.
So what does this mean​?

Herbal medicine is rarely a quick fix if you truly want to achieve better health. 

Instead, it requires commitment, making informed choices and very importantly, time. This allows me to really get to know your case, allows us to work together to achieve a clear and manageable target, and provides the opportunity to tackle the underlying causes of the health concern you have. 

An in-depth initial consultation allows us to discuss your health concern in great detail, to understand how it affects your life and obtain an in-depth background history to your well-being.

For each individual case, I then research and strip back the signs and symptoms to get an overall picture of what is happening within the body at the most basic level. This helps me understand the imbalances that often contribute to a health complaint over time. I then create a bespoke medicine that is designed to target and resolve the imbalances as well as supporting the body in healing itself. The process often requires various stages and very often starts with supporting and healing the digestive system first.


My approach to herbal medicine is about getting to really understand your case and tailoring a unique treatment plan and herbal prescription that targets the crux of the problem.

That's why I recommend committing to an initial 12 week Wellness Plan, designed to give the herbs their much needed time to get to work.

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