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 Wellness Plan

 Herbs work best when given time. 

This is why my Bespoke Wellness Plan is specifically designed over a 12 week period, to work with your body and support it to overcome and resolve your health issues.

The 12 week plan gives us the time to work together to both understand and unravel your case. You will be kept informed of all aspects of the treatment plan, from what I think is going on within your body, to which herbs were chosen and why, as well as frank discussions about any potential lifestyle changes.


My role is to support and facilitate you through your wellness journey.

Wellness Plan

In-depth Initial Consultation

Strategy Consultation

4 x Follow-up Consultations

Bespoke Herbal Prescription & Treatment Plan

Review Appointment

What to expect:

In-depth Initial Consultation (1hr 30m)

The initial consultation is an intense and in-depth session where we discuss all aspects of your health, from current symptoms to previous medical history and all the body systems.

After the consultation I use this information to thoroughly research the key elements of your case, including any potential herb-drug interactions, this allows me to create a truly bespoke treatment plan and herbal prescription tailored to meet your needs.

Strategy Consultation (30m)

The strategy consultation occurs one week after your first appointment and is where you receive your bespoke herbal prescription and where we work together to create a tailored treatment plan designed to target the underlying causes of your symptoms.

We will discuss a breakdown of your case, treatment goals and overall strategy, as well as which herbs I intend to prescribe and why. This session will give you a chance to voice any queries you may have about the treatment protocol, and also to further elaborate on the first consultation, if necessary.

This consultation is a key part of your wellness journey as it allows us to discuss all aspects of the treatment strategy and ascertain the goals you are wanting to achieve. You will leave with a clear understanding of your treatment plan/goals as well as two weeks of herbal prescription.

4 x Follow-up Consultations (30m each)

The follow up consultations are an essential part of the treatment protocol, they allow us to discuss progress made, to assess if any adaptions can be made to the bespoke herbal prescription or the treatment plan and allow you the opportunity to voice how you're really feeling about your health concerns and treatment protocol.

Bespoke Herbal Prescription & Treatment Plan

Your Bespoke Herbal Prescription is carefully crafted after immense deliberation and research into your case. This work enables me to select the herbs which will work together to target the underlying causes of your health concern; creating a prescription that is truly unique to your needs.
Your unique prescription will typically come in the form of a blend of tinctures (an alcohol extraction of herbs).

Other herbal preparations may also be included where necessary like teas or salves.

The treatment plan, which includes your prescription, will aim to inform and support you through your wellness journey, providing you with a strategy and a clear understanding of your goals and any lifestyle changes you are working towards.

Review Appointment (30m)

At the end of your 12 week wellness plan the review appointment provides the opportunity to review the progress made and is designed to give you the chance to voice what support you need moving forward.


This could include anything from a new tailored treatment plan, to a maintenance only plan, or you may even feel that you have achieved everything you had hoped for and not need any further treatment.


The review appointment allows us to discuss the best way forward for your overall wellbeing.

As part of each individual's Wellness Plan a bespoke herbal prescription and treatment plan is tailored to each person's unique needs, therefore the wellness plan format may be adjusted as necessary. Furthermore, depending on your case, 12 weeks might only be the starting point for your Wellness Journey and a rolling health plan can be discussed at the end of this period.

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